Check out the program from the event below. This document offered directions for the hunt, readings, and songs which were sung at the end of the Illumination written by TFA Fellow, Becky Brown.



When advertising for the Illuminatoin, we created a FAQ page which answers some of the basic questions about this event. This is provided below.


What is this event?

An Art Collaboration and Feast! Join Trinity Fellows Academy in a celebration and illumination of the Gospel through a scavenger hunt and art-installation, musical performance and dinner. Come ready for an adventure.

When is it?

Sunday, April 23rd, 2017

Hosted by the Trinity Fellows Academy
Osprey Point
6670 Cedar Cove Rd.
Royal Oak, MD

Please RSVP Below

How can I participate? Show up at 5pm, April 23rd, at OP. We will be gathering by the library for an orientation and quick introduction of the event.

Who is invited? The TFA community is invited to this event; families are welcome. However, you must RSVP by April 9th so we can make our plans for dinner.  

Why is TFA hosting this event? TFA seeks to equip young professionals with the tools to creatively express the life transforming power of the Gospel within our fields of expertise. This is precisely what we seek to do during the course of this event and each of the current Fellows has played an important role in its facilitation.

We also wish to honor and thank the TFA community for its considerable support through prayer, partnership, and participation through the years. This is a small way for us to offer our sincere thanks and hospitality to all who have made this fellowship program possible. 

How will the scavenger hunt work? Click on the images below for a quick preview:


What does the event include? A scavenger hunt. An art-making collaboration. A homily, given by Jeff Banks. Songs written by Becky Brown and preformed collectively. A beautiful dinner planned by Tianna Stieglitz. A program with directions and additional information will be provided upon arrival.

Why a collaborative event? Why a treasure hunt? The beauty of collaborative art making is the marriage of collective voice and conviction. The design and vision of this event is to creatively illuminate the story of the Gospel using, as our tools, the tangible world around us. The materials found while on the scavenger hunt visually narrates creation, the fall, atonement, redemption, and consummation. As we walk across the property collecting our materials, arrange our visual narrative, and celebrate together through song and feast, we collectively learn to better inhabit the life of Christ. 


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