The Treasureish Hunt in Royal Oak, Maryland, served as a single scavenger hunt for the Trinity Fellows Academy.

This event included a 5 part scavenger hunt, community art making experience, dinner, and a musical performance.

The hunt was set up as 4 site specific installations with a map that guide you to the final installation which the participants assembled together. Teams found their way across the property using clues, collecting elements that were used to create the final installation. Readings were provided consecutively at each site along with lyrics which would be sung during the performance after dinner.

This event was attended by 45 members of the community and sponsored with the support and labor of the 9 other Trinity Academy Fellows.


"...This was the best event at TFA I have ever attended, and I have been to 16 years of events!!! The entire evening from the truly remarkable illumination scavenger hunt (the amount of work, creative thought and extraordinary love that was put into this over the past many months by Kathryn just blows my mind!), the lovely and elegant hospitality throughout the evening culminating with an incredible dinner (Tianna you did it again!), the very thought-full and inspiring homily by Jeff and the songs written and produced by Becky accompanied by such a lovely and talented quartet.... well, my heart, mind and soul are full and a bit in awe. I simply cannot put into words what the evening meant to me, personally... you all gave us a huge affirmative "hug" for our labors and the inspiration and determination to align with the Lord on contributing to creating the space and the time to produce what last night celebrated.... a passionate, talented Jesus loving community that will move forward impacting culture with a foretaste of heaven. Thank you Kathryn, Tianna, Jeff, Taf, Becky, Kristyn, Chris, Andrew, Christy and Lauren!..."
-Ann Holladay, Board Member, Trinity Fellows Academy
"Most definitely the finest Event ever!...Thanks Kathryn and all who made this an evening for the ages."
-Greg Enas, President of Trinity Fellows Academy
"Just wanted to send a note to say awesome job tonight!!! When Caleb and I left the event, the first thing we said to each other was, "That was the best TFA event we have ever attended!" And believe me, we have been to a lot! You did a great job incorporating families, the property, exercise, the Gospel, the community, the arts, and good food/wine. Our whole family had a blast on the actual "hunt", the half of Jeff's homily that I heard was fantastic (sorry, in and out with babies), and everything was organized and presented so well. And you all were very present with the guests."
-Shannon and Caleb Armbrust, TFA Alumni and parents
"You are an inspiration to both child and adult. Your work made me want to go home and create! It was nice for my kids to see that creativity is a gift we are given by our most creative Creator, and that we should be encouraged to use it and share it with the world. And that it brings glory to God on many levels."
- Keri Topjian, Artist and parent
"Last night was truly beautiful, magical, and precious.  I shall never forget it."
-Mary Catherine Stevens, TFA Alumnus and parent