curated art scavenger hunts
for community Building


Each Treasure(ish) Hunt is curated to fit a specific community and theme. They are designed to spark curiosity and provoking wonder though an interactive adventure, accessible to all. 

We believe creative experiences in public space are worth creating, maintaining, and sustaining. Our interest in exploring alternative forms of presentation in the arts began in 2014, with the recognition that participation in museum and galleries was steadily on the decline. With technologies ushering in a new era of media production and viewership, physical, kinesthetic experiences for many have been diminished.

The Treasure(ish) Hunt is a social enterprise of TOSS studio, a non-profit art advocacy group in Morganton, NC. TOSS seeks to harness the power of creativity to change the lives of those in the Rural South. Proceeds from hunts benefit its student programing. Learn more about their advocacy work, here.

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